There are many things to see and do in OPORTO … but also return  at the end of the day – to BANDEIRA, was a delight.. Thank you for your hospitality and for creating such a unique and stylish space.
– Rita e Miguel

The Bandeira 3rooms has got two double rooms (one with 2 sommiers that can be switch into a king size bed and one with a king size bed) and a dormitory with 3 single beds; or one double and other single. There you’ll find the essentials such as: cool and light colors; ergonimic pillows; and finest luxury linens that will allow you an excellent sleeping experience.

Dresser space are available for extended stays.

All rooms have large and airy toilet rooms and are confortable and well equipped. The common areas are also confortable, receiving plenty of natural light.

Bandeira 3rooms will make you a rest experience with:

• A self-service kitchen that makes any time meal time. The kitchen has a microwave, refrigerator, stove, coffee maker and dishes so you can cook up gourmet goodies at your leisure;

• The guests can chill out, tune in, log in, or unplug with , flatpanel TV, DVD player, free WiFi; heating and fan.

• A gourmet catering is available under request.

So  there are as many reasons to stay in as to go out.

Taking a modern approach the Bandeira 3rooms delivers the basics of contemporary living.

We invite you to the space we created while exploring and enjoy the city.